Homes, Bones and Bugs

Saturday 13 January 2024
13:00 to 15:00

An ideal occasion for student members (but adults would love it too!) why not pop along to a pop-up natural history stall of Homes, Bones and Bugs! There will be mammal bones, some nests and owl pellets to examine. Microscopes will be on offer to look at specimens you may want to bring along or to study the ones we have – including bugs.

If members have any specimens for homes, bugs and owl pellets, we would be very pleased to have them. It would be helpful if they could be identified and have the owner's name if you would like to have them returned. Bird nests, caddisfly larvae cases, galls (robin's pin-cushion etc), insects, shells would be good and anything else you have of interest. Delivery or collection before 13th would help. Please contact Penny Theobald by text 07555945560 or email Thanks very much.

River Bourne Community Farm, Cow Lane
Laverstock, Salisbury
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